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Flip Book Fun

Yesterday Conner introduced me to this website that is a lot of fun.

I’d like you to…

  • go to the website
  • check out the gallery
  • play around, experiment with what you can do
  • create a flip book animation that shows something with simple machines (think robots, doors, vehicles, use your imagination!)
  • Save the flip book and type the name of your flipbook as a comment to this post so we can all see it!

Here is the website —> FlipBooks

Machine Search

This is the document you need to fill out:


These are sites to help do the research:

Simple Machines on mikids.com

Simple Machines Learning Site

Wow – so many sites about simple machines!! Are you ready for them? ;)

The Gift of Work


(This assignment was ‘borrowed’ from Mrs. Hartjes :) )

Please answer the following questions in the comment box at the end of the assignment on Mrs Hartjes’ Blog.

Please use standard English- no MSN English

Please edit your work before you submit it to Mrs. Hartjes’ blog. Use Word and/or the text-to-speech website.

The Gift of Work

Have you ever had a job? This can be anything even volunteer work (40 hours) or even baby sitting your brother or sisters:

Tell me about it.

  1. This job was…
  2. My responsibilities included…
  3. The amount of time I put into this job was…
  4. Lessons/ Information I gained from this experience…
  5. This job help me prepare for future work by…

A Future Job

In the future

  1. A job I would like to have is…
  2. In order to do this job effectively I will have to learn and do the following…
  3. By successfully taking on this job, I should feel…

Please go back and check to see that you used standard English and not MSN English. Thanks )


Please answer the following questions in the comment box at the end of the assignment on Mrs Hartjes’ Blog.

questions from http://www.youthfilmproject.org/ultimategift.htm

Stabbing Friends??

I think we have all heard the expression to be stabbed in the back.

A friend of mine, Mrs. Hartjes, created a blog post for her students about a writer named Oscar Wilde who once wrote:

True friends stab you in the front 

Think about what this means and write a comment about this.

Today we will do something different – I want you to post your comment on Mrs. Hartjes’ blog


image from caffeinated_zeitgeist on flickr

Download this map (click on it, when it is big you can right-click on it and choose ‘save picture as’):


Open it up in Paint and draw on it, showing where we have been so far.

Use different colours and/or symbols to show different places.

Upload the completed map to your blog and write a paragraph describing the map.

When you are finished…

  • Do a search for different activities we can do in Montreal.

           Key words you can use: Montreal, activities, tourist, things to do in Montreal….

  • Write a comment to THIS POST about some things you would like to do on travel days in the future.

           Be specific. Don’t write, ‘I would like to go skateboarding.’ Write about exactly where you want to     go  and how we can get there.


Simple Machines: part 2

If your name is on the list you MUST submit your comment HERE before going any further:

  • Shak
  • Troy
  • Tyler

Everyone else:

  • Go back to the website
  • Fill out the grid about simple machines
  • Answer the questions about simple machines

If you finish, come get the 2nd worksheet about compound machines.

Simple Machines

What do you know about simple machines?


Go comment on other students’ blogs. I expect you to comment on everybody’s blog!

Creative writing quicky

Choose an image to write a story about.

Minimum 200 words :)

Write your story in Word and post it as a comment on MY BLOG!

Reality Check

Click on the link below to find out how much money you need to make to live the lifestyle you want:

Reality Check

Reply to this post: 

1 – How much money do you need to make?

2 – Were you surprised?

3 – What kinds of jobs does the web site suggest for you?

4 – Would you like to work at any of them? Why or why not?

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